LVZ/OVT: Threat Ready Set


LVZ/OVT: Threat Ready Set

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LVZ/OVT Threat Ready Set

Once upon a time, we designed and delivered the LVZ/OVT, a lo-vis plate carrier with all the features a civilian could ever want at a great price. Over time, we realized there needed to be more to the story, a happy ending if you will. We found it in the HESCO M210 plates…and thus the LVZ/OVT Threat Ready Set was born—a vest plate carrier with plates included!

The HESCO M210 armor plates have become our favorite for low-visibility operations. Like its ubiquitous little brother, L210, the M210 is a 'special threat' rated plate, similar in ballistic protection, and just as thin. But unlike the L210, this plate’s lighter, multi-curve design massively increases comfort and concealability at a price that isn’t much different. The cherry on top: It picks up an M855A1 rating ;)

Our Threat-Ready Set version of our LVZ/OVT carrier includes the vest plate carrier of your selection with a single Hesco M210 SAPI plate for the rear and an M210 Swimmer for the front. These are sized specifically for the carrier itself and will fit most people extremely well.


The LVZ/OVT slick plate carrier is designed to hold 10x12 Level III or Level IV hard armor plates. It can also accept 10x12 soft armor-style plate backers if plates are not needed. The cummerbund is extremely adjustable due to its overlapping design front and back that can fit small-stature and large-stature body types. Hypalon non-slip material makes up the fully adjustable shoulder straps which also have 2 slips for other uses.

The front has a large 3 x 5-inch loop area for patch identifiers. It has integrated nylon vertical strips to accommodate QASM buckles (not included) to add a chest rig/placard if needed. Also included is a triple magazine shingle for .223/5.56 magazines. Cummerbund has 4 integrated pouches (per side) for magazines, IFAK, or comms. The Interior is lined with breathable spacer mesh for comfort. The back of the carrier has a 2x10-inch loop for patch identifiers.


  • Constructed of 500D Nylon
  • Adjustable Hypalon shoulders
  • Two areas of loop for identifiers
  • Integrated nylon vertical strips to accommodate QASM buckles (not included).
  • Removable triple rifle mag shingle included
  • Fully adjustable Cummerbund Overlaps itself on the front and back area making it extremely adjustable in or out depending on your size.
  • Cummerbund has 4 pocket areas on each side for magazines or radios
  • Interior has 3D style spacer mesh
  • Plate pockets load from the bottom and will accept up to 10x12 Level 3 and 4 ESAPI OR SIMILAR PLATES and Plate Backers 


Width x Length



5.56 x 45 mm – M193 Max Velocity 3150 ft/s

7.62 x 39 mm - M67 Max Velocity 2390 ft/s

5.56 x 45 mm - M855 / SS109 Max Velocity 3150 ft/s

7.62 x 39 mm – M43 Max Velocity 2390 ft/s

5.56 x 45 mm - M855A1 Max Velocity 3050 ft/s


9.50 x 12.50 inches / 241 x 318 mm 0.61 inches / 15 mm 5.0 lb / 2.3 kg YES YES YES YES YES


10.0 x 12.0 inches / 254 x 305 mm 0.61 inches / 15 mm 5.1 lb / 2.3 kg YES YES YES YES YES