Aloha Pua Honu Shirt

$125.00 $62.50

Aloha Pua Honu Shirt

$125.00 $62.50
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Aloha Pua Honu Shirt

Introducing the Aloha Pua Honu Shirt, a 2021 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann collaboration. Bawidamann reinterprets the M1942 Frogskin Camo pattern with blooming Plumeria and uses the majestic Honu sea turtle as his muses. Embedded within the print are symbols from the WW2 Pacific Theater: Samurai swords, B.A.R., Nambu pistols, Zappos and grenades. This shirt’s 100% Moroccan cotton lets you enjoy the light beachside breeze. Sport this shirt with OG pants, shorts and flip-flops, or dress up nicely for a summer BBQ.  You may think you’ve reached your Hawaiian shirt quote, but the Aloha Pua Honu Shirt is essential to your collection.


  • CUSTOM PATTERN: The bold combination of M1942 Frogskin Camo, blooming Plumeria and Honu sea turtles makes this shirt’s design one of Bawidamann’s best
  • CLASSIC HAWAIIAN STYLE: Inspired by the 1970s Hawaiian shirt craze, the Aloha Pua Honu features a notch collar and buttons made from real coconuts
  • SHORT-SLEEVE DESIGN: Enjoy hot summer days in comfort with this shirt’s short sleeves 
  • REINFORCED STITCHING: The seams are stitched with thick nylon threads for lasting durability
  • HIGH-GRADE MATERIALS: When it’s time to get your groove on, this shirt’s 100% Moroccan cotton provides you with plenty of breathability


Honu Jungle | Honu Beach | Honu Atoll 

*Shirts have been pre-washed and should not shrink anymore after following the wash/care instructions.