OG "Fast Rope" Insulated Water Bottle (32-ounce)

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OG "Fast Rope" Insulated Water Bottle (32-ounce)

Fast Rope

OG "Fast Rope" Insulated Water Bottle (32-ounce)

OG "Fast Rope" Insulated Water Bottle

Great for tailgating, BBQs or hunting, the OG “Fast Rope” Insulated Water Bottle can keep cold drinks cold (72 hrs) and hot drinks hot (8 hrs). The military-inspired artwork displays a beauty ready for active duty. Fill this water bottle with ice cubes for a refreshing drink, regardless of the weather. If you’re looking for a durable water bottle to compliment your tactical gear, nothing beats this drink container’s stainless steel exterior. Sleek without sacrificing style, this water bottle packs many features and won't take up much space in your tactical range bag. Whether you like keeping it cool or piping hot, the OG “Fast Rope” Insulated Water Bottle makes every other drink container look second-class.


  • CUSTOM ARTWORK: It’s not every day you have the chance to own a water bottle with the most exclusive military design from OTTE Gear x Liberty Bottleworks
  • WIDE-MOUTH OPENING: Use this bottle’s wide-mouth opening to pack in ice cubes and quench your thirst with refreshing cold water
  • DOUBLE-WALL INSULATION: Designed with two walls and vacuum technology, this water bottle’s superior insulation prolongs beverage temperatures—Cold: 72 hrs | Hot: 8 hrs
  • BPA-FREE STAINLESS STEEL: The stainless steel comes with a food-grade FDA approval to make this water bottle free of the dangerous chemical—BPA
  • REINFORCED EXTERIOR: This water bottle was constructed with deep-drawn steel, no exterior welds and a heat-treated powder coat to reduce dents and increase structural integrity

Hand wash recommended.

Assembled and printed in the U.S.A