OG Poppies of War Water Bottle (32-ounce)

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OG Poppies of War Water Bottle (32-ounce)


OG Poppies of War Water Bottle

Take cover and get hydrated with the OG Poppies of War Water Bottle. The custom artwork of blooming poppies with embedded weapons pays tribute to the veterans of the Sandbox. No welding lines mean this 32 oz. aluminum water bottle has strong structural integrity. Drop some ice cubes inside using the wide mouth threadless opening. The tapered neck lets cold water flow like a waterfall for refreshing hydration. The patented ¼-turn on/off Liberty cap refuses to leak. If you're looking for a tactical drink container for your next outdoor adventure, the Poppies of War Water Bottle combines function with charisma on multiple levels.


  • CUSTOM ARTWORK: The Poppies of War combine forces with M4 Carbines and Heavy Machine Guns to give you an exclusive design you won’t find anywhere else
  • WIDE MOUTH & TAPERED NECK: Cool down your beverage by dropping ice cubes in the wide mouth opening, then enjoy flowing hydration from this water bottle’s tapered neck
  • FDA-APPROVED COATING: Coated with FDA approved food-grade coating, this drink container keeps chips out of your water and prevents bacteria from building up
  • BPA & EA FREE: The 100% recycled aluminum is sourced in America and free of dangerous chemicals like BPA and EA
  • DURABLE EXTERIOR: The deep-drawn construction resists dents and the exterior is powder-coated and heat-treated to give you a water bottle made to last

Hand wash recommended.