OG "Dive Girl" Water Bottle (24-ounce)


OG "Dive Girl" Water Bottle (24-ounce)

Dive Girl

OG "Dive Girl" Water Bottle

If you find yourself in hot water, let the OG “Dive Girl” Water Bottle come to your rescue. The military-inspired artwork features a hot dame taking aim at the enemy. The tapered neck reduces spills for clean hydration. Fill this reusable water bottle with ice cubes using the threadless wide-mouth opening to create a frosty drink. We constructed this drink container in America with 100% recycled aluminum and eliminated all exterior welds to create a virtually unbreakable water bottle. No need to worry about dents either. This 24 oz. aluminum water bottle has a deep-drawn construction that provides a thick suit of armor. Reinforce your tactical gear with the OG “Dive Girl” Water Bottle and easy hydration will always be nearby.


CUSTOM MILITARY ARTWORK: An OTTE Gear x Liberty Bottleworks collaboration, the OG “Dive Girl” Water Bottle features an exclusive design every sailor will love 

WIDE-MOUTH DESIGN: Use the wide-mouth opening to fill this water bottle with ice cubes because there’s nothing better than frosty hydration after a hard training session

BACTERIA RESISTANT COATING: We coated the inside of this water bottle with a food-grade coating approved by the FDA to combat the build-up of bacteria and maintain hygiene

BPA & EA FREE: Made in the U.S.A. with 100% recycled aluminum, this water bottle has no traces of harmful chemicals like BPA or EA

DURABLE EXTERIOR: The outside of this drink container features a powder coat treated with heat to increased structural integrity

Hand wash recommended.