OG "Halo" Water Bottle (32-ounce)


OG "Halo" Water Bottle (32-ounce)


OG "Halo" Water Bottle

When the mission seems impossible, grab the OG “Halo” Water Bottle for some needed hydration, then get your shit together. You still got a job to do. Simply twist the patented Liberty cap and let the water flow from this 32 oz. water bottle’s tapered neck and wide-mouth design. The powder-coated and heat-treated exterior makes the hull stronger than a C-130’s armor. The food-grade inner coating prevents bacteria from building up to keep the interior clean. Make the OG “Halo” Water Bottle the next great addition to your tactical gear and you’ll never again have to buy another drink container.


  • MILITARY ARTWORK: This American-made 32 oz. wide-mouth water bottle features an exclusive design of a damsel NOT in distress 
  • WIDE-MOUTH OPENING: The threadless wide-mouth opening makes it easy for ice cubes to fit inside, giving you a cold drink regardless of the weather
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT COATING: Even the government gives this water bottle its stamp of approval because of the food-grade interior coating, which prevents bacteria from building up and chips from flaking off
  • BPA & EA FREE: With this water bottle’s 100% recycled aluminum, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals like BPA and EA entering your body
  • DURABLE EXTERIOR: This tactical drink container doesn’t contain any exterior welds to give it extra strength and the deep-drawn construction reduces dents

Hand wash recommended.