OG "Specialty Girl" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

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OG "Specialty Girl" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

Speciality Girl

OG "Specialty Girl" Water Bottle

Made in America, the OG “Specialty Girl" Water Bottle helps you fight dehydration in the scorching heat. The custom artwork features every fighting man’s dream girl. Keep your fluids secure inside with Liberty’s ¼-turn on/off cap. The wide-mouth threadless design lets you drop in ice cubes to create a cold refreshing drink. The recycled aluminum hull features a powder-coated and heat-treated exterior for increased structural integrity. With the deep-drawn construction and no exterior welds, this 32 oz. BPA-free tactical water bottle can withstand the toughest conditions. All these features come together to make the OG “Specialty Girl” Water Bottle a dynamic asset in the field of battle.


  • CUSTOM ARTWORK: If you like long legs and frag grenades then the OG “Specialty Girl” Water Bottle needs to be in your collection of tactical gear.
  • WIDE MOUTH & TAPERED NECK: The wide mouth allows you to fill this water bottle with ice cubes, while the tapered neck lets cold water smoothly flows into your mouth
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT COATING: The flexible food-grade coating gets FDA approval and ensures bacteria doesn’t build up on the interior surface
  • 32 OZ. BPA & EA-FREE WATER BOTTLE: Sourced and made in America with 100% recyclable aluminum, this water bottle doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA or EA
  • DURABILITY: The heat-treated exterior, patented ¼-turn Liberty cap, and no exterior welds makes this water bottle stronger than an M1 Abrams Tank

Hand wash recommended.