OG "Fast Rope" Water Bottle

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OG "Fast Rope" Water Bottle

Fast Rope


OTTE Gear x Liberty Bottleworks collaboration 

- American (made and sourced) 100% recyclable aluminum.
- Deep drawn construction means less dents.
- No exterior welds/seams to weaken construction.
- Exterior is powder coated and heat treated for increased structural integrity.
- Liberty cap features a patented ¼-turn on/off design and is made of recycled materials in the USA. Screw-top cap *not the one pictured.
- Wide-mouth threadless design is big enough for ice cubes.
- Fluids pour smoothly from bottle’s tapered neck.
- Bottle’s flat bottom less likely to tip over.
- Flexible food grade coatings insure no chips or bacteria build.
- FDA-approved, BPA- and EA-material free.
- Hand wash recommended.
- Made in U.S.A.

Size 32 oz.