OG "Fast Rope" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

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OG "Fast Rope" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

Fast Rope

OG "Fast Rope" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

OG "Fast Rope" Water Bottle

Hydrate quickly before you drop in on the enemy with the OG “Fast Rope” Water Bottle. The military-inspired artwork features a tactical babe loaded with grenades. This water bottle’s Liberty cap features a patented ¼ turn-on/off design to prevent leakage. We removed exterior welds to give you a one-piece drink container capable of being knocked around during rough tactical training sessions. This water bottle is also made in America from 100% recyclable aluminum, making it lightweight yet durable. The OG “Fast Rope” Water Bottle is a must-have for your tactical gear with an awesome design and functional utility.


  • CUSTOM ARTWORK: The brainchild of OTTE Gear x Liberty Bottleworks, this water bottle’s military-inspired design will have the fellas at the range jealous of your game
  • WIDE MOUTH & TAPERED NECK: Ice cubes easily fit through the wide-mouth opening and the tapered neck gives you a cold stream of refreshing hydration
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT COATING: With this water bottle’s food-grade interior coating, you’ll never have to worry about bacteria building up and causing a foul stench
  • BPA & EA FREE: Stamped with approval by the FDA, this drink container’s 100% recycled aluminum doesn’t embody any dangerous chemicals like BPA and EA
  • DURABLE EXTERIOR: Powder-coated and heat-treated, this water bottle’s deep-drawn exterior protects against dents and maintains structural integrity

Hand wash recommended.