OG "Specialty Girl" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

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OG "Specialty Girl" Water Bottle (32-ounce)

Speciality Girl

OG "Specialty Girl" Water Bottle

The great artistic mind of Andrew Bawidamann collaborates with the durable and reliable Liberty Bottleworks to bring you the ultimate drinking bottle.


  • WIDE MOUTH & TAPERED NECK: The wide mouth allows you to fill this water bottle with ice cubes, while the tapered neck lets cold water smoothly flows into your mouth
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT COATING: The flexible food-grade coating gets FDA approval and ensures bacteria doesn’t build up on the interior surface
  • 32 OZ. BPA & EA-FREE WATER BOTTLE: Sourced and made in America with 100% recyclable aluminum, this water bottle doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA or EA
  • DURABILITY: The heat-treated exterior, patented ¼-turn Liberty cap, and no exterior welds makes this water bottle stronger than an M1 Abrams Tank

Hand wash recommended.