Woobie USA POW Tribe Throw Blanket

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Woobie USA POW Tribe Throw Blanket


From Woobie USA, the premiere provider of woobie blankets, comes the Woobie Tribe’s Poppies of War featuring Andrew Bawidamann’s iconic print.  The Woobie is America’s most versatile and proven blanket and the Woobie tribe showcases your affiliation and connection to others.

Woobies will ship end of July.  


- Warm & Satin-soft
- Lightweight (approx 2 lbs)
- Durable 
- Machine Washable
- Pet hair, sand, grass, leaves do NOT stick
- No lint
- Top/bottom shell are 100% ripstop polyester/nylon
- Batting is 100% polyester
- Blanket size: 82" x 58"
- Assembled in USA
- 1-Year Warranty