OG "Aces" Water Bottle (24-ounce)


OG "Aces" Water Bottle (24-ounce)


OG "Aces" Water Bottle

Go all-in with the OG “Aces” Water Bottle. The exclusive design of a hottie with a body will get your blood pumping to all the right places. When you need quick hydration, give the patented Liberty ¼ turn cap a twist and the tapered neck will give you a smooth flow of water. This tactical water bottle has a deep-drawn construction that protects against dents. Made by Americans from 100% recyclable aluminum, this reusable water bottle embodies a patriotic spirit worth putting on display. It’s always nice to have pocket rockets, but with the OG “Aces” Water Bottle, you’ll never lose a hand to dehydration.


  • CUSTOM ARTWORK: The great minds of OTTE Gear x Liberty Bottleworks bring you an exclusive design of a cutie with a booty and armed to the teeth
  • WIDE MOUTH & TAPERED NECK: With the ergonomic wide-mouth design and tapered neck, water flows smoothly into your mouth and reduces spills
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT COATING: Most drink containers allow bacteria to build up, giving you that awful stench, but the OG “Aces” Water Bottle comes with a food-grade coating approved by the FDA to keep the inside clean and free of bacteria
  • BPA & EA FREE: We made this water bottle in the U.S.A with 100% recyclable aluminum to keep your body free of harmful chemicals like BPA and EA
  • DURABLE EXTERIOR: Sleek and lightweight, this tactical water bottle comes with a powder-coated and heat-treated exterior for increased structural integrity 

Hand wash recommended.