It all started with the lofty goal of making the best clothing for the guys with the world’s most demanding job: American combat troops. We decided from the start that we did not want to be told how to make our gear, what fabric or designs to use, or which suppliers we had to buy from. We simply wanted to design for them – the door-kickers, soldiers, operators, pipe-hitters – using the best materials available anywhere. Everything we built had to have a purpose.

When U.S. troops were deployed in the global war on terror, the clothing systems they had did not perform. They were heavy, stiff and didn’t breathe. They definitely weren’t cut for the modern, athletic warrior.

OTTE was conceived to fill that gap. We began by supplying door kickers, good guys and bad-asses worldwide. Now we outfit shooters, hunters, overlanders, and backcountry travelers across the globe. Not to mention guys preparing for the Zombie apocalypse.


OTTE Gear /ˈôdē/ is designed for folks going light, hard and fast. Our product offering is tight because we are focused on key categories including apparel essentials, systematically organized storage, SSE and Range bags, plate carriers, and a family of related accessories to make life on and off the range streamlined and fun. Using the most innovative materials available, we design products capable of handling extremely demanding situations like the best waterproof/breathable rainwear, our climbing inspired pants and the OGxBK modular rifle sling. Our unique background and POV mean we also pay close attention to fit and styling so that you look good doing what you do best.


The OTTE Gear crew