OTTE Gear leverages real world, mountaineering and military experience to bring you the very best in tactical and military gear. Using the most innovative materials available, we design products capable of handling extremely demanding situations like the best waterproof/breathable rainwear and the toughest stretch woven jackets and pants. OTTE’s products are designed to be lightweight, packable and durable for the individual living out of his rucksack for an extended duration.


We did not want civilians in air conditioned office buildings thousands of miles away — in a different world from our customers — telling us how to build gear. We chose instead to listen to you, the end user, the folks with the boots on the ground, the ones that have been let down time and time again by crappy clothing and gear. Thanks to all the believers and doers that have supported us from day one.

Mother's Day Limited Edition GP Tote

No idea what to get the special mom in your life? We do. Designed just for her, our best-selling GP Tote in limited edition Alpine Multicam with dayglo handles. It’s the perfect beach bag, market tote and everyday carryall. Long shoulder straps free up her hands, which will be music to her multi-tasking ears. BONUS: first 40 bags come with a custom MOM patch. Boom.


Introducing our first Aloha Shirt in OTTE Gear x Bawidamann "Poppies of War", a limited edition print only found at OTTE Gear. Pre-order yours today. 

Styling is inspired by the vintage Aloha shirts from the 70s with an updated fit. The subtle details woven into this intricate print pay homage to our troops on-going campaign in Afghanistan, the weaponry and the undeniable beauty of the surrounding poppy fields. Genuine coconut shell buttons.