Universal Placard


Universal Placard

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Universal Placard

The OG Universal Placard System is our offering of a tactical placard to work with our UAC Plate Carrier and other carriers on the market. It features front and rear compartments that are sized for modular magazine inserts from OTTE, Spiritus, Haley Strategic, KYWI, and others. This chest rig placard is made with laser-cut B52 fabric for structure and weight, it achieves the same effective load carriage at a reduced weight over our competitors.

The plate carrier placard system comes with a half-flap, full-flap, elastic 556 Mag insert, and double Pistol Mag insert (inserts not shown). It also features laser-cut slits for adding a tourniquet or other pouches to the bottom and sides of the chest rig placard module.

The design of this tactical placard gives the user the ability to raise or lower the height where the placard system sits on your plate carrier

This chest rig placard does not come with Attach Sets. If you purchase our Universal Placard and the Chest Rig, you will need to purchase 4 pairs of our Universal Placard Attach Systems.

Photos on the model show our Universal Placard with our Universal Chest Rig (suspenders & waist strap) which is sold separately.


  • B52 laminated material for maximum strength and minimal weight
  • Included full and half-flap for GP storage
  • Laser-cut molle slits along the sides and bottom
  • Overall 9"x 4.5" x 3.5"