Trauma Shear Sleeve or Set*


Trauma Shear Sleeve or Set*

Ranger Green
Tactical Grey

OG Trauma Shear Sleeve

*NOTE - Select in the dropdown menu if you want the trauma shear holster with OR without shears included. 

Gone are the days of stuffing your shears behind your 556 placard on your plate carrier and accidentally pulling them out when you go for a reload. With our Trauma Shear Set, you have a hook-backed holster and minimalist shear that is secure and ready to deploy when you need it and never when you don't. With a retention strap held in place by a standard button snap, the deployment of your shears is always deliberate. 


  • Minimalist shears for slim-lined implementation to your kit
  • Hook-backed carrier for use on chest rigs, plate carriers, placards, and trauma bags
  • Snap button retention strap to prevent loss of shears
  • Overall dimensions of carrier: 2" x 4.75"