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2024 Enforcetac & IWA - Wir Hatten Eine Tolle Zeit
April 23, 2024

2024 Enforcetac & IWA - Wir Hatten Eine Tolle Zeit

EnforceTac and IWA March 2024

We are back from the EnforceTac/IWA, an international trade fair for security agencies that transitions into IWA, the world’s leading exhibition for the hunting and target sports industries.

We were hosted by Recon Company, a premier German distributor and retailer with a strong online and brick-and-mortar presence in Salzgitter. Their team of industry veterans, experts and one great son, made us feel right at home with good vibes and conversation. Our neighbors in the booth were Darren and Kevin from Snugpak who kept the laughs going with their amazing English sense of humor.

We stayed in the beautiful walled city of Nürnberg, famous for many things including the Nürnberg Bratwurst and “Schäufele” (pork shoulder with crispy skin), two local Franconian dishes that we almost couldn’t get enough of. We ate at authentic restaurants with communal tables and toasted local beers with local people – Prost!

TACWRK, another top German retailer and distributor, graciously invited us to their industry dinner. We shared a table with two former US Navy SEALs, Zach Steinbock and Sean Matson from MATBOCK.  On our other side was the crew from BeaverFit, a containerized fitness solution out of the UK.  Their English sense of humor gave Snugpak a serious run for their money.  We knew we were in for a great time when they started off the night apologizing in advance for the inevitable shenanigans. Let’s just say, it was an amazing dinner.

We met Tom Short from Ops-Core/Gentex, those guys use our OTTE Gear Helmet Bags.  Gary Robbins from High Speed Gear came by the booth. He loves the TACOS we did with them in our POW Poppies pattern.  On our Day 3 morning metro commute, we introduced ourselves to two fellow Americans, Aaron Zar and Eric Imsland from SLNT. SLNT makes innovative Faraday packs and pouches to keep your electronics protected.  We hung out with the Noveske crew at their fave local bar on the square and stayed up waaayyy too late sharing stories and laughing.  Our friend and Multicam vendor from 1947 Ocean State Innovations took us to a great Italian restaurant with a few industry friends. Being on that side of the pond made it easier to catch up with our French and Dutch distributors, TR Equipement and Noorloos respectively. 

It was great to be exposed to interesting products from European brands we don’t see in the USA much: Helikon-Tex had some cool products made in PenCott, Frogskin/Duck Camo, and Rhodesian Brush Stroke; Corinthia and UF Pro had big booths showing off their new lines. We met Andreas Schlosser from Mil-Tec by Sturm, they do a lot of affordable tactical outdoor and paintball products and use a new camo called Phantomleaf.   There were other smaller brands with new camos and new designs.  Lawrence Holsworth and Dom Hyde from PenCott Camo came by to talk about how defeating thermal drones is still a work in progress. 

Our German friends from ePig Group who have shot videos of our booth for the past 5 SHOT Shows were there en masse.  They had 10+ crew shooting videos of almost every booth!  It was great to break bread with them on their home turf at a farm-to-table restaurant outside of the city.

On our way out, we touched the brass ring placed on the fence that surrounds the square’s main monument. Legend says visitors who find the ring and touch it will return. So we will be back to this beautiful Bavarian city to see old friends and make new ones! 

Mary & Todd

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hiking the Appalachian Trail with backpack
April 23, 2024

Reflections of Hiking the AT 30 Years Later

Last fall, I celebrated my 30th anniversary of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, all 2088 miles of it.  I first heard of the trail in 1988 when I was in college at Boston University.  I think I saw a poster of the trail map at a local outdoor shop and was just amazed that there could be a hiking trail that was that long, spanning 14 states.  I bought the poster, hung it in my dorm room, and added it to my fledgling bucket list. 

When I graduated a few years later I got commissioned in the Army and moved to Fort Benning Georgia to complete the Infantry Offices Basic Course.  I was given a choice of dates, I chose the one that ended in early April, when most people start hiking the trail.  As a reserve officer, my active duty ended after IOBC so I was free to hike afterward.  Luckily for me, Fort Benning was only a few hours away from the southern terminus of the AT, Springer Mountain, GA.

The plan was to hike and finish the trail in four months, then start a corporate job in Boston.  To do the whole trail in 120 days I would need to hike about 19 miles a day with 7 days off to rest.  Coming out of IOBC where every other day you are either road-marching with a 100 lbs rucksack or performing field training exercises, 19 miles seemed manageable…or so I told myself.

My IOBC classmate, Shannon Suggs, drove me and classmate Mike DeAntonio the 200 miles from Fort Benning to Amicalola Falls Start Park, Georgia.  At the visitors center we weighed our packs: mine tipped the scales at a ridiculous 86lbs!  As a young, dumb 24-year-old, inexperienced at thru-hiking, I had no idea that what I was carrying was a VERY heavy load. 

Later that day at the summit of Springer Mountain, the official starting point of the AT, a couple hiking with their dogs shared with me that their packs weighed 35 lbs & 30 lbs, and the dogs each 5 lbs.  When I told them my pack weighed more than all 4 of theirs put together they laughed and thought I was crazy. Needless to say, I started to wonder if my extra pair of boots and 20 lbs of canned food were necessary and 3 days later at Neel’s Gap I shipped 10 lbs of gear home and left 15 lbs of food at the hiker's hostel.  With a few dips during unsupported sections of the trail, my pack weighed about 65 lbs from there on out.

On the AT, most hikers take, get, or are given a trail name.  It usually has something to do with why you are hiking, who you are, who you are choosing to be, or what’s important to you.  Mine centered on the latter: Chow Hound was born!

I started the trail thinking that this experience would be a wilderness adventure, just me and Mother Nature.  It ended up being a very socially gratifying experience. I met fellow 20-somethings just out of college, high school dropouts, retired firefighters, divorcees, school teachers with the summer off, business executives, Israelis just out of their military service, and US Vets.  Even as a motley crew, we formed an amorphous sort of family unit, spending hours together talking about life while setting up camp, cooking, and doing chores.  The experience of telling and listening, letting the B.S. that defined our lives pre-trail wash away, letting egos down and learning about each other was pretty magical. 

Two months into the hike my father came down to Virginia and hiked with me for two weeks.  He was given the trail name “Papa Chow” and loved it!  We hiked the Blue Ridge and ran across the spot where Audie Murphy, the most decorated American Soldier, had died in a plane crash.  Eating lunch with my dad, now passed, at the big granite monument in the middle of the woods, soaking up the sun and the views is one of my favorite memories.

It took 188 days, of which I took 42 as “Zero miles”- a day off.  My toes were numb for about 3 months after and they shed skin like a snake!  Coming off the quiet made it hard to be in loud and crowded areas for a while. I realized then and now that my body, mind, and spirit had wanted to be worked and pushed. Even a year later, I longed to be back out there.  It was a powerful chapter in my life. To say the least, I made lifelong friendships and saw some amazing and beautiful places. 

If you get the chance to do a Thru-Hike, do it!  Hopefully, it will great time and leave a lasting impression like it did for me. 

Chow Hound

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February 01, 2024

SHOT SHOW 2024 Recap & New products for 2024

OTTE Gear just got back from SHOT 2024 and I can say that the pandemic is a distant memory for exhibitors and attendees alike. All our European and Asian friends came (let’s go!) and nary a mask was seen!

We have some exciting new kit revealed at SHOT that we will be dropping in 2024.

We previewed our new SS24 lightweight puffy coat, the Ursa Minor. It’s addition to our current insulated lineup of HT (200g Primaloft® Gold) & LV (100g Primaloft® Gold) will nicely round everything out for our customer. The Ursa Minor features 40-gram Primaloft® Active Insulation with a super lightweight 40D Quantum shell fabric making it one of the lightest jackets on the market. It has a DWR coating so it repels water and light snow.  Use it standalone in chilly conditions or as insulation under our Patrol Parka. This jacket is also super-packable and will be an easy addition to all travel adventures.

Our SS24 Ursa Minor drop will include a limited edition WRMFZY Southwest version. This was a complete SHOWSTOPPER with every single person stopping to admire WRMFZY’s pop. We are working on a re-release of the WRMFZY nylon capsule of Packing Cubes, Heist SSE Bags and Utility Pouch Sets. Pre-order should open soon…stay tuned….

We also previewed our Down Range Pant & Down Range Shirt.  The Down Range deserves a bit of backstory: Fall 2019, I had a recurring dream that I could make a better combat pant than what was on the market, though the market admittedly had/has some legends. My focus was on the knee/kneepad construction and on finding a stretch fabric that would move with the operator in all intensive situations since that was missing from the market options. Cut to 2024:I feel strongly that we have addressed those issues with our integrated kneecap and pad system and the stretch-NYCO fabric. We made sure the fit and silhouette were more modern too cause we care what you look like.  We are bullish that the end-user will be stoked by the advancements. 

We are excited to partnered up with MoG Gloves and showed 9 new styles, from Fast Roping, Cut-and-Needle Resistant gloves to robust combat styles with knuckle protection and high dexterity. They were well-known by the international attendees (they are a European brand) and they were VERY well received by US individuals and units alike. We are proud to announce we will be the first to launch them in the US this year!

 We previewed our Field Manual Camp Shirt collaboration with Andrew Bawidaman. 
Preorders are available on our website for a limited time at a discount. Click anywhere on these here words to link there. 

The show is always a good time to link up with old friends and make new ones.  We saw our friends at Sons of Liberty and their new hunting line.
Spiritus Systems’ patch wall was pretty cool. Crye Precision and S&S Precision keep creating cool new stuff.

 Monday Night we hit the Noveske Party. It was like a college party, deafening, open bar, 96 degrees and 80 percent humidity. Their team was in from the PNW and are great people and have a great time. Thanks Team Noveske! When they were shutting it down Lorena sarcastically shouted 'everyone's got to go, go to the Circle Bar!' so we did, (ironically of course.) 

Wednesday night we attended the Crye party after warning the younger guys to never trust a friendly woman that approaches you in Las Vegas and to never go in Tinder in this town. We did not loose a single dollar or organ we are happy to report. This years theme at Crye was Chernobyl Village! It was great to see all lots of friends like the Novske and KAC teams  hanging out, and we can confirm they know how to have a good time. After we were invited to have a few beers with Post Malone at his Suite! He was the most gracious host and played some new unreleased music for us. We are honored and humbled that he is our #1 customer! He also held a great party Thursday night and we were able to meet lots of great industry personalities in one room. 
Blue Force Gear had us to their festive 20th Anniversary party and the next day we got a personal tour of BFG’s origin story by the Ashley & Meredith Burnsed! MagPul always has cool new products to see.

Derek and Thomas from TRI Expeditions came out to man the booth with Otte this year. They did a little urban mobility practice on the strip.

Lastly, Mary and I want to thank Eric (“Grizz”), Chris Van Loan, Gage, Stephen (Deen), Derek and Thomas for their amazing help and great vibes. They made this effort in and out of the booth a lot of fun.

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Demolition Ranch, Brandon Herrera, Donut Operator and More
December 19, 2023

Demolition Ranch, Brandon Herrera, Donut Operator and More

We attended the Demolition Ranch Range Day with Brandon Herrera, Donut Operator and lots of other industry personalities outside of San Antonio, Texas last week. It was a great time to shoot some exotic firearms and hang out with some interesting folks in the community. Range Day culminated in shooting a Hummer and an afterparty at The Thirsty Horse Saloon. 

Some things are different in Texas than back home. Like spurs and cigarettes in vending machines. Pretty cool!

Donut Operator, the most entertaining police incident commenter in the game, according to us. 

Administrative Results getting Napoleonic. First unmasking and now this. Keep an eye on this guy. 

The Undertaker! Just in case someone didn't make it through range day. 

Alex Zedra. I don't think that's the hang loose sign. 

Scott from Kentucky Ballistics after informing me a .700 BMG existed. 

Chuck hanging loose. Unfortunately we did not get to witness an overhand right going hot on the range. 

Colion Noir on the super quiet Maxim Defense 240B and at the after party. 

He says he's a lawyer but I think he might be Batman. 

Kagan Dunlap also hanging loose. We need to get this dude into some OTTE Gear Aloha kit. 

Armed Scholar, our favorite place for updates on the current state of 2A Legal struggles. 

Nigel Jones!

The aftermath of the Hummer Shoot. 

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Night Ops Summit November 2023
December 12, 2023

Night Ops Summit November 2023

16 November 2023

Night Ops Summit, Barnwell, S.C.

Year 2 of being as a sponsor of the 4-day Night Ops Summit proved to be even more rewarding than the last because of all of the great people we met and the new things we learned, saw and made happen.

The Summit, hosted by Greenline Tactical, takes place at a decommissioned nuclear fuels processing plant in Barnwell, SC called GTI. Don Edwards, Sam Houston and the rest of the Greenline cadre offered a ton of shooting classes all revolving around night fighting which the facility is especially suited for as it is blackout capable.

Legends of the industry were in attendance. Brands showing their best-in-class technology like Ops-Core’s new powered helmet/ARC Rail system, TNVC’s new military NODs wowed the crowd. 

We met up with Chip Laskey at Unity Tactical for some real talk about the state of world affairs.


The sponsor tent was teeming with people searching out A-list brands like B.E. Meyers, L3, Aimpoint, Echo Arms, Rosco Barrels, Blue Alpha, Federal Ammo.

We ran into our friend Tom Marshall from RecoilWeb who was there filming the best that brands and participants had on offer. We took a pic with Tom and Gabe Cabrera, Pres of Cobalt Kinetics, who was showing off the new CK-Scrambler suppressor.












We sat in as observers at Chuck Pressburg’s 4-Man CQB Night Course. That was rad.












YouTuber WhistlinDiesel was there taking in the training.

The cherry on top was exploring the plant’s innards with Instagram personality, Hailey Lujan @haylujan Hailey was kitted out in NVG’s, our LV Insulated and our Chest Rig/Placard combo. We captured the adventure. Check it out here. Thanks for playing, Hailey!


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Gamut Challenge Winner Bryan Rodriguez from the Miami Dade SWAT with Bob Keller
November 14, 2023

Gamut Challenge Veteran's Day 2023

The Gamut Challenge 2023, an amazing weekend down in Fort Meade, Florida at the Gamut Challenge, a bi-annual two-day event consisting of 20 miles of running or rucking, and shooting.  

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Ohio Range Day 2023
September 19, 2023

Ohio Range Day 2023

The highlight of the weekend was the Day 2 sunset “Mag Dump” where over 150 participants lined up and shot at a car with their preferred gun of choice until it exploded. 

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The Universal Armor Carrier Gets Put To Hard Use
June 02, 2023

The Universal Armor Carrier Gets Put To Hard Use

Recently, I had the opportunity to put OTTE Gear’s new Universal Armor Carrier System to the test, as I had signed up to do OPFOR for a course at the Direct Action Resource Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. I spent an entire week wearing the set up for multiple hours each day, so I became very familiar with the features and benefits of the UAC. With this being a force-on-force course, I was going to have to wear full PPE and have equipment that could withstand simunitions fire. 

I needed to utilize the placard for ammo carriage, and therefore selected a simple configuration of the triple 556 pouch and wide flap for the admin section. Not so much for medical gear, but more so for extra coverage from SIMs. I did run the dangler pouch and stored some ammo in the elastic cummerbund.

I ran the carrier with a set of Hesco 3810s, which are my preferred plate for duty/overt applications. It’s not a heavy plate (4.8 lbs), and it features a soft backer. The UACs shoulder pads were great for added comfort especially after hours of action each night. 

The quick attach system for the cummerbund was very easy to utilize, and found myself operating it by feel the longer I used the carrier. This was useful in low light environments and when my vision was obstructed by face protection. 

One of the major characteristics about the carrier that was a huge plus for me was its minimalist design. The sleek design in conjunction with the UNITY Tactical FAST mount I was using made shooting my rifle with NODs and a gas mask perfectly comfortable. With some carriers and/or incorrectly sized plates, shouldering a rifle and getting a good sight picture can require added attention to one’s shooting technique, so I’m happy to report that was not the case with the UAC. 

I also converted the placard to a chest rig with our Universal Chest Rig Harness which shows the versatility of the whole Universal Armor Carrier system.  While this set up had reduced coverage and ammo capacity, I gained a lot in mobility and dexterity. 

Overall, I was very happy with the UACs performance as a plate carrier and can recommend it to those looking for a plate carrier that offers plenty of ammo storage and modularity while still staying light and comfortable. 


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SHOT Show 2023 Debrief:
March 01, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 Debrief:

SHOT Show 2023 felt like old times!  The pandemic mostly in our rear-view mirror, and folks were out and about and enjoying themselves.  It was good to see all of our old friends who couldn’t make show since Jan 2020. 10 months in the war in Ukraine, many of our European friends are now seeing a spike in business.  Recon and TACWRK in Germany, TR in France, Endeavour Tactical UK.  Entities from Asia were also back; Lin from Survivor tactical Taiwan made the trip.

Our helmet bag, rash guard for conceal carry, shade shirts, and new Andrew Bawidamann Hawaiian shirts were the most popular items checked out in the booth!  People also like our classic packing cubes, range bags and LV insulated jackets. Eric Graves from Soldier Systems Daily came to check out our new chest rig/placard and cummerbund attachment system. we are putting on our new chest rig and UAC (Universal Armor Carrier) plate carrier.  We are also selling these parts to other nylon gear companies and the reaction was amazing!  They are both a lightweight and elegant way to attach your gear together.

We also saw:

The daily after-show parties were also a lot of fun! SOC-F (Special Operations Care Fund), kicked it off the good times at the Leatherneck bar! Also sponsored by us, Sons of Liberty Gun Works, and Big Tex Ordnance with affordable drinks, sausage, and meatball buffet!  Garand Thumb was also spotted prior to his food poisoning as well.

The Blackwater party was fun over at the Battlefield Las Vegas property. We had fun playing on old armor fighting vehicles, watching old Blackwater training videos projected on massive screens, and gorging ourselves on burgers from the In-N-Out Burger trailer.

Every year the Crye Precision party is always a special event, and this year it did not disappoint!  Held in a massive arena, this year’s theme was Honey I Shrunk the Party – Buzz & Woddy’s Sausage Fest.  It included massive life-sized games from our childhood, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Legos, Operation to name a few.  Some of our new team members had never been before, so at closing time we had to drag them out as the gravitational pull was so strong. Pretty sure we also forgot Austin and he had to catch an Uber back.

The industry has its challenges, a popular culture and big tech that has a love hate relationship with the gun and adjacent industries as well as political head winds.  That said I feel pretty optimistic about the state of the industry and its future.  Enjoy the rest of 2023 and see you next year!

-Todd Fairbairn (Founder and CEO)

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February 07, 2023


My son is a High School senior and a football player.  He loves the game.  He loves the workouts, the lifting the physicalness of the sport.  He loves the showmanship and the battle on the field.  He loves his teammates.  Midway through the season his bicycle got run over by a car, when I grilled him about it, he told me one of his teammates ran over it.  When I asked which teammate, he refused to tell me, he said that the football team was his other family and that “snitches get stitches” … 

At the beginning of the season his team lost players to some of our local private schools that are known to poach the best public-school players.  He was devasted and upset that they lost their “secret weapons”.  There were no longer any superstars on the team.  My son and his teammates realized that they couldn’t rely on a few great players to do all the work… they were going to have to do it themselves…  This was probably the best thing that could have happened to them.  With no egos to get in the way, they jelled, the seniors and juniors bonded and supported each other, they really became a family, on and off the field.  The English language doesn’t really have a word for this bond, the closest word we have is love, these kids loved each other, they played with heart and passion and it showed.  It was, esprit de corps.  They were not the fastest, or biggest and went up against some bigger dogs and won. 

They went 4 and 0 when their fortune ran out and lost to a big powerhouse team.  At the end of the day football is an arms race, and if you have bigger, faster, stronger, well coached players you usually win.  My sons team bounced back and ended up winning their conference, the first time 34 years and qualified for the state tournament.  There were seated 6th in their bracket and went up against an undefeated 3rd seat.  They game was close at the half however they lost by two touchdowns.  My son came home at 10pm still in his uniform, dirty, grimy, eye black smeared on his face and he just looked at me gave me a big hug and then started sobbing…  I didn’t say anything, I just hugged him.  That is when I understood, he wasn’t crying about the loss, he was crying that it was the end of his football playing career.  He would never put the pads on, never have summer practice, it was the end of an era, that chapter of his young life was over.  For that he was sobbing, the loss of his football family.    

I remember 8 years ago when he stated playing football and the main stream media was talking about concussions and the long-term effects of football on the brain and body, especially in kids.  People were predicting the end of football.  My wife and I weighed letting him play.  In the end we felt that keeping him from playing with his friends would be more damaging than whatever blows he would be delt on the gridiron.  Boys and young men need a tribe, they need competition, they need to be physical.  Denying that would have been devastating on the boy…  I feel that football has taught my son a lot about life.  He can work on a team; he can take coaching and make the appropriate corrections.  He can work for a goal bigger than himself.  He knows how to lead and he knows how to follow.  He can listen.  He knows the beauty of victory and the sting of loss.

Some of you have been part of something, sports teams, military units, law enforcement departments, fire fighters, first responders, gyms, clubs.  I hope your experience was as rich as my sons was and you found your tribe…

-Todd Fairbairn (Owner/CEO)

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OTTE Gear LVZ OVT Plate Carrier Featured in RECOIL OFFGRID (Twice!)
August 30, 2022

OTTE Gear LVZ OVT Plate Carrier Featured in RECOIL OFFGRID (Twice!)

Tom Marshall of RECOIL OFFGRID covers our LVZ OVT pate carrier in a recent review

RECOIL OFFGRID is a magazine dedicated to preparation and survival; featuring articles on making knives, building shelters, bug out bags, and gear reviews. The magazine primarily offers educational articles on how to survive a life-threatening situation or a man-made or natural disaster. As a perfect group of experts to test our LVZ/OVT carrier, they finished the review stating "We’ll continue to test the OTTE Gear LVZ OVT plate carrier in both training and daily “grab-and-go” use as able but, overall, we think this carrier offers a whole lot of bang-for-buck value, especially if you’re in the market for a first-time buy or want to pare your collection of carriers down to a single, modular setup that fills both concealed and overt needs. Stay tuned here and at OTTE Gear as they continue to expand their in-house line of plug-and-play accessories for the LVT OVT line."

That blog on the RECOIL OFFGRID website is available here.

And continue to test it, they did! Tom also wore our plate carrier to HALEY STRATEGIC KALASHNIKOV: THE BASICS OF SHOOTING AN AK

For this class, Tom's loadout consisted of "OTTE Gear LVZ OVT Plate Carrier with G-Code Scorpion mag pouches, which flex to accommodate the odd shape of 5.45x39mm magazines."

For that article as well, check it out here.

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Grab a Beer VOLUME 10 with DIRTY JAVI
February 15, 2022

Grab a Beer VOLUME 10 with DIRTY JAVI

Our January GAB is with our industry friend Javier Mendez. A well known and respected figure of the 2A community. There is a lot to say about this guy – he is charismatic, funny has the best grinder profile, big fan of Uncle Mikes holsters and thinks red dot sights are for sissies who cant use irons.
So, belly up to the bar and get personal with our January friend of the brand. 

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The LVZ / OVT: OTTE Gear’s new slick carrier.
August 05, 2021

The LVZ / OVT: OTTE Gear’s new slick carrier.

About a year ago, our ever-active R&D team recognized a dire need for more tactical nylon designed for the everyday 2A Citizen. We zeroed in on plate carriers, specifically ones that are well-priced and come complete and ready-to-use out of the box.
Introducing the LVZ OVT, our entry-level low-profile slick plate carrier design. The LVZ OVT plate carrier can be discreet or overt. It comes with everything you need for the range or for personal protection. Lightweight, modular and easy to set up whatever way you wear it.



▪ Constructed of 500D Nylon

▪ Adjustable Hypalon shoulders

▪ Two areas of loop for identifiers

▪ Integrated nylon vertical strips to accommodate QASM buckles (not included).

▪ Removable triple rifle mag shingle included

▪ Fully adjustable Cummerbund Overlaps itself on the front and back area making

it extremely adjustable in or out depending on your size.

▪ Cummerbund has 4 pocket areas on each side for magazines or radios

▪ Interior has 3D style spacer mesh

▪ Plate pockets load from the bottom and will accept up to 10x12 Level 3 and 4


// SIZES //

The LVZ / OVT FITS - MEDIUM SAPI, ESAPI, SWIMMER PLATE, 10"x12" up to 10”x12.25“x1”

The size of the carrier has nothing to do with your shirt size but everything to do with the

size of your armor plate.

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June 22, 2021


OTTE & QILO are NJ neighbors and it’s about time we made something together.

Introducing our Convertible Pouch in Andrew Bawidamann’s iconic “Poppies of War” print.
-Constructed 500D Cordura
-Made in USA with US-sourced materials

Drops on the site on Friday, 6/25 at 3PM EST.


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Aloha Pua Honu: The artist behind the print.
April 09, 2021

Aloha Pua Honu: The artist behind the print.

Introducing the limited-edition Aloha Pua Shirt. For 2021 Bawidamann weaves emblems of the WW2 Pacific Theater into his interpretation of the M1942 Frogskin.

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February 17, 2021


Whether for fashion or for function, camo is never totally off-trend. And at the present moment in men's style, it's as relevant as ever. Streetwear's been using it since the beginning. Hip-hop style got a hold of it in the '90s and hasn't let go since.

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Grab a Beer VOLUME 8 with CHIP LASKY
February 10, 2021

Grab a Beer VOLUME 8 with CHIP LASKY

Our February GAB is with our industry friend Chip Lasky (@claskytac)  There is a lot to say about this guy – He is well known in the industry and back into his operating days and like he says "I used to do cool shit"
So, belly up to the bar and get personal with our February operator. 

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OTTE Gear Todd Fairbairn Thanksgiving 2020
January 31, 2021

Food for Performance

Yes, food (and lifestyle) impacts your Brain, Performance and Lifestyle. Here's what I learned after taking Dry January 2021 seriously and reading Genius Foods by Max Lugavere.   

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Bob Keller
October 25, 2020

Grab a Beer VOLUME 7 with Bob Keller

Belly up to the bar with... Bob Keller

1. What is your happy place? RV trips with the family.

2. Which is your most extravagant purchase to date?  A Class-A motor home.

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Packing systems
September 30, 2020

Packing systems

POV: @youngbuckdave

With summer winding down and fall right around the corner it’s that perfect time of year – not too hot and not too cold, just right for adventure. Preparing for these adventures means selecting your best gear that is not only reliable and time tested, but also really sharp looking. Getting disorganized, overpacking, or not packing enough are an adventurer’s enemy. And nothing will make you more frustrated than getting to the range or campsite ripping through all your gear looking for that one thing (you know that ONE necessary piece of gear that you absolutely needed) only to realize that you left back on your kitchen counter next to the note that says “DO NOT FORGET!” OTTE Gear has developed the best packing cubes and pouches for men. They are sure to help you stay calm, cool and organized so that you can focus on the fun and adventure. 


Compact Solutions: OTTE Gear Utility Pouch Sets

            Now when I say “endless uses” for the Utility Pouches I truly mean it. The Utility Pouch Set by OTTE Gear is the perfect example of something you never knew you needed until you got it, and now you end up using them for everything. This is the best travel pouch set because it can protect your EDC, make the packing process efficient, and is an antidote to overpacking. Nothing’s worse than fishing around for things small to mid-size things in a fully packed bag, that is why the 3 sizes of pouches you get in the set are amazing. I have stored ammo, tools, guns, electronics, charging cables, medical supplies, my wallet and treasured watch, car keys…the list goes on. Utility Pouch Set comes with three 500D Cordura flat zippered bags: 8”W x 6”T, 10”W x 7”T, or 12”W x 9”T. Now the hard part comes in deciding which color suits you best: MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Tropic, and MultiCam Alpine. Or stock up on them all and consider yourself the king of ORG. Whether you are going on a trip or just need help in your everyday performance, you won’t realize all the uses for them until you try them out yourself. 


Systematic Solutions: OTTE Gear Packing Cubes

One thing I have learned in my constant travels is that peak performance comes from feeling in control, looking good and feeling good. A great discovery was OTTE Gear’s series of packing cubes and, to be hones, I feel like I have unlocked my peak packing potential. Packing Cubes are like the big brother to my Utility Pouches. As with the UPS, these are made 500D Cordura and finished with YKK zippers and locker loops. They come in a 4 sizes:

Small: 12" x 7" x 5.5" & 7.5 liter capacity 
Medium: 13.5" x 8.5" x 5.5" & 10 liter capacity 
Large: 14" x 11" x 6" & 15 liter capacity
X-Large: 14.5" x 16" x 6.5" & 22 liter capacity 

The OTTE Gear Packing Cubes give you the option of storing larger items that you cannot fit into the Utility Pouches. I have stored ammo, guns, boots, a spare change of clothes, blanket, medical supplies. I have used them to protect my expensive insulated jacket and to keep dirty gear separate from clean, unused clothing. It makes laundry at the end of a trip much easier too. My favorite part was picking color options: Coyote, Ranger Green, MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Tropic, and MultiCam Alpine.  Everywhere I go, I get compliments on them since they are unique and practical. Available as singles (you could get a different color cube for every day of the week!) or take advantage of a discounted 4-pack. 

At the end of the day, we all spend a lot of money on our equipment so organizing and protecting are mission critical objectives.

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Grab a Beer VOLUME 5 with Young Buck Dave
September 10, 2020

Grab a Beer VOLUME 5 with Young Buck Dave

Belly up to the bar with….Dave Young

For this month's GAB, we probed the soul of Dave Young aka @youngbuckdave. He is a true friend, an artist, and frankly a sub-par shooter...more of a spray and pray kinda guy. Just Kidding. His encyclopedic knowledge about guns informs his tactical photography which captures the people and products he is so passionate about. When you meet him ask him about his dad, the old school lawman. Read on.

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Tactical Games
June 11, 2020

Not for Normal Human Beings: The Tactical Games

Be Tactical

OTTE Gear sent our very best Zach Stone to the The Tactical Games last week which took place at the epically cool GTI facility in Barnwell, SC, a decommissioned nuclear processing facility that really puts the athletes in the mood. Price of entry was being an endurance athlete with tremendous shooting precision, also known as ass-kickers, door-kickers and Tier 1 operators.  Besides participating in the competition, OTTE Gear is also a sponsor of the games and proudly outfits the TG staff with our DK Jackets.  At the end of the day, Zach hosted an impromptu party at our tent for all of the worn-out athletes.


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Grab a Beer VOLUME 4 with @robomurray
February 29, 2020

Grab a Beer VOLUME 4 with @robomurray

Belly up to the Bar with @robomurray

An uncommon day (February 29) seemed like a fitting time to feature an uncommon dude, Robo Murray, as our Grab a Beer With OTTE Gear interviewee. We learned about Robo from our Canadian friends at Parabellum Prime who said we should definitely check him out. While his day job is in the Information Security space focused on OSINT, his passions are Firearms, Firearms training, Airsoft, and Milsim which led him to his pursuits working for WGT Consulting on the side. Somehow he also finds the time to create rad combat-inspired casual clothing (  You can learn a lot more about him in our interview below, or by visiting his various social media platforms.

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