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Introducing the Aloha Pua Honu Shirt

A 2021 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann collaboration. Bawidamann reinterprets the M1942 Frogskin Camo pattern with blooming Plumeria and uses the majestic Honu sea turtle as his muse.

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Aloha Pua Features

Aloha Pua Honu:
The artist behind the print

For most people in our industry, the artist behind our Aloha collaborations needs no introduction: Andrew Bawidamann, owner of Bawidamann Design and an extremely accomplished artist who keeps us all daydreaming with his pin-up art. His work also graces the products & logos of many brands in the tactical space.

While there is much you do know about this designer, gear-maker and artist, only Andrew is able to articulate his design inspiration and design process that lead to exquisite artistic expressions year-over-year.

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Available Colors

Beach Tan

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Jungle Green

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Blue Atoll

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