It all started with the goal of making the best clothing for the guys with the world’s most demanding job: American combat troops. We wanted to make the best stuff we could using the best materials available anywhere. It was a lofty goal.



When U.S. troops were deployed in the global war on terror, the clothing systems they had did not perform at the level they required. Otte was conceived to fill the gap, and began distributing to some of the most specific and elite special operations teams worldwide.

Otte leverages real world, mountaineering and military experience to bring you the very best in tactical and military gear. Using the most innovative materials, we design product that truly functions.

This means creating the most waterproof breathable rainwear, the toughest stretch woven jackets, and pants capable of handling the most demanding scenarios.



Our product offering is small, because we are focused. Our stuff is not for everyone, we get that. We design it for folks going light, fast and hard, and we focus on performance. Pretty simple.

Otte's products are designed to be lightweight, packable, and durable for individuals living out of their ruck sacks for extended periods. 

We exist because we know no one else is filling your needs. If you have a great idea, something that is missing from your kit and will make a difference in how you do your job, let us know.

The Otte Gear crew