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OG Outdoor Gaiter

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OG Outdoor Gaiters

These Berry-compliant/USA-Made OG Outdoor Gaiters are designed with Lieutenant Dan’s advice in mind. The super-tough Cordura® Nylon protects your feet and legs against mud, rain, and snow. The custom-designed bottom-cut opening on our tactical gaiters allows them to fit over hiking boots, snow skis, or crampons. Keep these outdoor gaiters in position with the Hypalon® rubber straps. The OG Outdoor Gaiters are a must-have for those who always seem to find themselves knee-deep in treacherous terrain.


  • DURABLE CORDURA® NYLON: The lower foot covers are made with abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura® Nylon and the upper shin consists of a lighter grade 330D Cordura® Nylon | Learn more about Cordura® Advanced Fabric
  • HYPALON® RUBBER STRAPS: The super-tough Hypalon® rubber straps can be adjusted to maintain overlap on multiple kinds of outdoor footwear
  • ADAPTIVE DESIGN: These OG Outdoor Gaiters feature an adaptive weather design to perform in mud, rain, or snow
  • ELASTIC ADJUSTMENTS: The elastic adjustments keeps the top hem sealed and ensure these gaiters stay up as you trek through rough countryside
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: It doesn’t matter if you have baby feet or put Bigfoot to shame, the OG Outdoor Gaiters comfortably fit any shoe size 


  • SMALL: U.S. Men's boot sizes 4–7 (Euro 36–40)
  • MEDIUM: U.S. Men's boot sizes 6–9 (Euro 38–42)
  • LARGE: U.S. Men's boot sizes 8–11 (Euro 41–45)
  • XL: U.S. Men's boot sizes 10–13 (Euro 43–47)
  • XXL: U.S. Men’s boot sizes 12–15 (Euro 46–50)


AVERAGE WEIGHT: 12.5 oz./354 grams per pair