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OTTE Gear x Dire Armory


The DireFAK MP is by far the most compact and versatile first aid kit on the market.

TheDireFAK MP was designed by David Scalf* in conjunction with OTTE Gear to deliver the first life-saving kit where function was not compromised in the effort to compact the form. The design and its medical components are derived from meticulous research and development and years of David’s in-field trauma care.

At roughly the same size as a 20-round 5.56 AR-15 mag, The DireFAK MP fits most AR-15 magazine holsters on the market. Because of this unique feature, the DireFAK MP can easily be run inside of your 5.56 or 7.62 Magazine placards, magazine holsters, and elastic cummerbund magazine slots.

The DireFAK MP also features an integrated strap that can be easily fed through battle belts, around plate carrier cummerbunds, or anywhere else you see fit. Due to its size, the DireFAK MP is slim enough to keep clear of your pistol draw when running it on the right side and compact enough to be comfortable when working in and around vehicles while attached to your belt.

The lifesaving medical supplies inside the  DireFAK include:

  • SWAT-T Tourniquet
  • Quickclot Combat Gauze
  • Hyfin Compact Chest Seals

STOP THE BLEED BUNDLE: Purchase the Stop the Bleed bundle which includes the DireFAK MP, the CAT Tourniquet with CAT TQ holder, and the Trauma Shear Set and get a 10% discount.

*David Scalf is the CEO of Dire Armory, a global multi-media marketing and product design company.  As a Firefighter and Advanced EMT, David has spent most of his career on an Advanced Life Support unit serving his community by combating traumatic injuries that plague the inner cities.