FEATURED in Recoil magazine

FEATURED in Recoil magazine

October 01, 2019

OTTE Gear's Aloha shirt was featured in Recoil Magzine spotlighting new products. This is what they said,

"Thanks to its long-standing team up with Andrew Bawidimann, we think of OTTE Gear as the original purveyor of tactical artwork. Its Poppies of War print is an almost subtle mash-up of toes-in-the-warm-sand comfort and Taliban-era sentiment. At first glance, it’s a broad, vaguely organic pattern; but a focused gaze reveals a smattering of weapons that are familiar to anyone who’s spent some time in Afghanistan."


Check out our Aloha design.

"The shirt itself is 100-percent cotton with a cut that’s slightly more tailored than a typical Hawaiian shirt and features coconut shell buttons. "Sporting this shirt at your next informal event, we can guarantee you’ll be comfortable … and that you won’t have a problem getting a conversation going."

RECOIL STAFF  10/24/19