What is eVent?

Counted on by military, police, fire and myriad professionals around the globe, eVent Protective technology provides not only a barrier of defense against Mother Nature but critical protection against chemicals and hazardous substances. Our Direct Diffusion technology features proprietary bi-component technology built to withstand repeated exposure to the weather and hazardous substances.

Why do we use eVent®?

eVent® is a fabric designed to work as a waterproof and breathable membrane. It is used in a variety of outdoor garments, most commonly seen in waterproof jackets like our Patrol Parka. eVent® fabrics are designed to ‘let the sweat out™’ and use a patented waterproof membrane constructed of millions of tiny pores. From these pores, sweat vents to the outside of the fabric in one easy step, called Direct Venting™ Technology.



The difference between eVent® and GORE-TEX® is that:

eVent avoids using a PU membrane. Whereas a GORE-TEX® jacket uses a polyurethane layer in their fabrics to absorb sweat in a two layer process, eVent® application is made to the inner layers of the garment, taking away the need for a PU layer.

eVent refer to this as Direct Venting Technology. This means that eVent® is technically more breathable, and therefore quicker to dry, than GORE-TEX®.

* eVent® may need more care than a GORE-TEX® alternative as the PU layer protects the PTFE layer from oil and grease. Chances are your eVent® jacket will need to be washed and reproofed more often than a GORE-TEX® alternative. Because of the highly breathable benefits of eVent® this is even more important than with other membranes, as it will keep your eVent® garment performing at it’s best!