OG Magazine Pouches


OG Magazine Pouches

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OG Magazine Pouches

OG Magazine Pouches are designed as a premium offering to the universal placard system that exists within the nylon world. With velcro on both sides, these elastic magazine holders will function with the most popular brands of placards, including our own that we will release later this year. Instead of pull tabs, velcro/snap flaps, or hard Kydex inserts, our velcro magazine pouches present a simple, dependable, and cost-effective solution. We deliberately leave the bottom ends open to account for your varying placard depths and magazine lengths. We have three available configurations of these elastic magazine holders to allow you to pick which insert best suits your mission.

Our Triple 556 Rifle Pouch is our most popular option because it accepts three AR-style magazines to keep your fighting rifle topped off. Don't let the name fool you... 300BLK and 458 SOCOM mags will also work just as well in these!

Overall Dimensions: 4" x 9.75"

The Double Pistol Pouch is a custom solution to a common problem. Instead of using a single 556 pouch to loosely hold two pistol mags, these are custom-tailored to accept just about any double-stack pistol magazines. These are also great for similar-sized items like multitools and flex cuffs. Running a subgun? Due to the open bottom design, two of these side-by-side in the main pocket of your placard sets you up to run four subgun magazines.

Overall Dimensions: 4" x 4.5"

The Double 762 Rifle Pouch occupies the same size as a triple 556 insert and allows the user to carry two larger-caliber rifle magazines in a conventional placard system. Ideal for SCAR, SR25/AR10, and AK magazines.

Overall Dimensions: 4" x 8"


  • Velcro hook on both sides (will not function stand alone as a shingle)
  • Low-profile design with no confusing additional hardware
  • Open-ended design allows the user flexibility with placard size and magazine length
  • Made in the USA