OG Modular Sling


OG Modular Sling

Ranger Green
Tactical Grey

OG Modular Sling

The OG Modular Sling was developed to be the most modular rifle sling on the market. Its rapid-adjust B52 Squadron pull tab gives the ability to quickly transition your weapon from securely slung to combat-ready. The OG Modular Sling can be run in a single-point or two-point configuration and has been designed to transition between the two in seconds. The sling also debuts a low-profile pad inspired by climbing harnesses created by the world's leading mountaineering companies. A 5-layer laminated construction sealed with stretch woven materials, the pad provides stability and comfort without adding weight or bulk. 

Unique to this sling, the integrated G-hook allows the sling to be stored securely by the slider strap and tensioned with the slider. See our video below for a further overview of that feature.


  • Single-point or two-point configurable when purchased in two-to-one configuration
  • Low volume pad to minimize weight but maximize comfort
  • Integrated G-hook for slim-lined storage. No additional hardware needed
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Compliant / Trade Act Compliant