MoG Tactical Glove Collection


MoG Tactical Glove Collection

Coyote Brown
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MoG Target Shooting Glove Series

The Target Shooting Glove Series was developed together with several dedicated and heavy users within Special Forces during extensive training sessions in different environments. Below is what we offer in this amazing Masters of Gloves series:

Light Duty 8111

A lightweight and exceptionally durable tactical glove that offers enhanced finger sensitivity, allowing you to perform tasks with precision as if you weren't wearing gloves at all. These gloves are the perfect blend of power and dexterity. Sizes 6-12 available.

High Abrasion ErgoShield 8110 

All-round performance makes these gloves the ultimate choice for those looking for a combination of extreme durability, dexterity and versatility in a single high performance glove. Ergonomically designed ErgoShield 3D molding technology offers impact protection that you don't feel. Extreme high abrasion resistance with excellent grip and high finger sensitivity. Sizes 8-12 available.

High Abrasion Ergoshield Trivium 8114

High abrasion glove with innovative ErgoShield protection combines extreme durability with an ergonomic impact design. The semi-fingerless design provides a glove that fits snugly, yet offers the dexterity and precision of bare fingers for optimum control and versatility in a variety of tasks. Offers perfect control during weapon handling or when handling smart devices. Sizes 8-12 available.


  • Arma Suede technology that is 8x stronger than other suedes
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance and good grip
  • Slim fit
  • Unique dexterity
  • High finger sensitivity


  • Weapon handling
  • All-around tactical operations
  • Searches
  • Patrolling


  • Armed / Special Forces
  • Law Enforcement
  • Special Units Police
  • Security
  • Customs