Not for Normal Human Beings: The Tactical Games

Tactical Games

June 11, 2020



The Tactical Games take CrossFit and combine shooting sports to create a competition that makes Hell Week look like a day at the beach. Or you could think of it as Tough Mudder mixed with Game of Thrones. Your level of fitness has to be superhuman. Your shooting has to be on point. These men and women are called Tactical Athletes. This is how Keanu Reeves became John Wick

Tactical Games


NATO Tier 1 Units hosted a top-secret event to test the limits of the human body’s capabilities. The Tactical Games drew inspiration from this event. These contests put tactical athletes in battle scenarios. The men and women who compete are under physical and mental duress and time is of the essence.  Be prepared to get smoked at the fitness check and fight to overcome it to put rounds down range and on target.


The gear of tactical athletes needs to be of the highest caliber. OTTE Gear awarded the winners in each division with military-grade jackets. Clothing like the Patrol Parka Jacket, DK Jacket, and the Super L Windshirt  are made with these athletes in mind. These jackets are tested to perform in even the harshest elements. Check out the Tactical Games website for more info on their next event. Put it on your calendar and get ready to become a next-gen athlete and maybe you can win some OTTE Gear apparel. Congrats to the winners and the finishers.