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OTTE Gear Todd Fairbairn Thanksgiving 2020
January 31, 2021

Food for Performance

Yes, food (and lifestyle) impacts your Brain, Performance and Lifestyle. Here's what I learned after taking Dry January 2021 seriously and reading Genius Foods by Max Lugavere.   

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Tactical Games
June 11, 2020

Not for Normal Human Beings: The Tactical Games

Be Tactical

OTTE Gear sent our very best Zach Stone to the The Tactical Games last week which took place at the epically cool GTI facility in Barnwell, SC, a decommissioned nuclear processing facility that really puts the athletes in the mood. Price of entry was being an endurance athlete with tremendous shooting precision, also known as ass-kickers, door-kickers and Tier 1 operators.  Besides participating in the competition, OTTE Gear is also a sponsor of the games and proudly outfits the TG staff with our DK Jackets.  At the end of the day, Zach hosted an impromptu party at our tent for all of the worn-out athletes.


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Grab a Beer VOLUME 4 with @robomurray
February 29, 2020

Grab a Beer VOLUME 4 with @robomurray

Belly up to the Bar with @robomurray

An uncommon day (February 29) seemed like a fitting time to feature an uncommon dude, Robo Murray, as our Grab a Beer With OTTE Gear interviewee. We learned about Robo from our Canadian friends at Parabellum Prime who said we should definitely check him out. While his day job is in the Information Security space focused on OSINT, his passions are Firearms, Firearms training, Airsoft, and Milsim which led him to his pursuits working for WGT Consulting on the side. Somehow he also finds the time to create rad combat-inspired casual clothing (  You can learn a lot more about him in our interview below, or by visiting his various social media platforms.

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Aconcagua, Argentina
December 10, 2019

Volume 1: An Origin Story

December 2019 – William Todd Fairbairn, Founder & CEO of OTTE Gear

It has been 15 years since I entered this industry with the 2004 SHOT Show debut of my brand, OTTE Gear and I think it’s about time I let folks know a little about me and the brand. The whole idea for the brand was born after hearing from our friends that were deployed to Afghanistan. They told us that the clothing they were using did not work well in the Himalayan environment nor did it hold up to their use and abuse. Many opted to use their civilian clothing in the most subdued colors available and black out the logos with a Sharpie marker. They knew that my partners and I had worked for The North Face so they reached out and asked for help designing better clothing systems.

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