Packing systems

Packing systems

September 30, 2020

POV: @youngbuckdave

With summer winding down and fall right around the corner it’s that perfect time of year – not too hot and not too cold, just right for adventure. Preparing for these adventures means selecting your best gear that is not only reliable and time tested, but also really sharp looking. Getting disorganized, overpacking, or not packing enough are an adventurer’s enemy. And nothing will make you more frustrated than getting to the range or campsite ripping through all your gear looking for that one thing (you know that ONE necessary piece of gear that you absolutely needed) only to realize that you left back on your kitchen counter next to the note that says “DO NOT FORGET!” OTTE Gear has developed the best packing cubes and pouches for men. They are sure to help you stay calm, cool and organized so that you can focus on the fun and adventure. 


Compact Solutions: OTTE Gear Utility Pouch Sets

            Now when I say “endless uses” for the Utility Pouches I truly mean it. The Utility Pouch Set by OTTE Gear is the perfect example of something you never knew you needed until you got it, and now you end up using them for everything. This is the best travel pouch set because it can protect your EDC, make the packing process efficient, and is an antidote to overpacking. Nothing’s worse than fishing around for things small to mid-size things in a fully packed bag, that is why the 3 sizes of pouches you get in the set are amazing. I have stored ammo, tools, guns, electronics, charging cables, medical supplies, my wallet and treasured watch, car keys…the list goes on. Utility Pouch Set comes with three 500D Cordura flat zippered bags: 8”W x 6”T, 10”W x 7”T, or 12”W x 9”T. Now the hard part comes in deciding which color suits you best: MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Tropic, and MultiCam Alpine. Or stock up on them all and consider yourself the king of ORG. Whether you are going on a trip or just need help in your everyday performance, you won’t realize all the uses for them until you try them out yourself. 


Systematic Solutions: OTTE Gear Packing Cubes

One thing I have learned in my constant travels is that peak performance comes from feeling in control, looking good and feeling good. A great discovery was OTTE Gear’s series of packing cubes and, to be hones, I feel like I have unlocked my peak packing potential. Packing Cubes are like the big brother to my Utility Pouches. As with the UPS, these are made 500D Cordura and finished with YKK zippers and locker loops. They come in a 4 sizes:

Small: 12" x 7" x 5.5" & 7.5 liter capacity 
Medium: 13.5" x 8.5" x 5.5" & 10 liter capacity 
Large: 14" x 11" x 6" & 15 liter capacity
X-Large: 14.5" x 16" x 6.5" & 22 liter capacity 

The OTTE Gear Packing Cubes give you the option of storing larger items that you cannot fit into the Utility Pouches. I have stored ammo, guns, boots, a spare change of clothes, blanket, medical supplies. I have used them to protect my expensive insulated jacket and to keep dirty gear separate from clean, unused clothing. It makes laundry at the end of a trip much easier too. My favorite part was picking color options: Coyote, Ranger Green, MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Tropic, and MultiCam Alpine.  Everywhere I go, I get compliments on them since they are unique and practical. Available as singles (you could get a different color cube for every day of the week!) or take advantage of a discounted 4-pack. 

At the end of the day, we all spend a lot of money on our equipment so organizing and protecting are mission critical objectives.